The Oktoberfest event offers the most scenic courses you'll enjoy in Michigan for a marathon and 1/2 marathon. The courses begin at the East end of the Spring Lake Villas Condominiums. You'll run West to Lake Avenue, turn right, run 100 meters and again, turn right onto the bike path. From this point, with the exception of a short run on Judson Rd, you are running exclusively on the bike path which circles counter clockwise around Spring Lake. You'll enjoy many views of Spring Lake and very nice homes. No industrial centers nor run down neighborhoods. While much of the course is flat, you will take on a few rolling hills to keep you honest. The 1/2 marathon and "first" lap of the marathon is the same course. The "second" lap of the marathon takes you a little further down and back on Judson Rd. Please click on the buttons, below, to see the maps and elevations.